In a society that requires instant gratification and information, automotive dealers and after-market service centers are under pressure to respond to customer demands. Up to 75% of inbound phone calls to a dealer’s service department are from customers inquiring about the status of their vehicle. What do you do?

Since taking a phone call can be detrimental to time management, why not text your customer an update… before they call. With Unotifi, you gain access to text messaging tools that allow you to ensure your customers are being taken care of quickly, while maintaining a positive service experience. The Unotifi Communicator and mobile app allow you to keep your customers updated on the status of their vehicle, without bogging down your service team with unnecessary phone calls.

The Unotifi method offers marketing solutions that encouraging car buyers to begin vehicle maintenance at the source. This promotes customer loyalty from the start. Pair that with the customer retention technology provided and business growth is sure to follow.

In addition to new customers, Unotifi’s technology can also effectively engage a dealer’s current customer base. This means that customers you haven’t seen in a while will start showing up at a more frequent rate. We have found that 80% of a dealer’s new business can be developed from its existing customer base, a 30% increase from the current national average, giving you not one, but two avenues for growing your business.

Automotive franchise dealers need efficient ways to communicate with customers. This requires meeting customers’ expectations for communication and efficient messaging strategies. Individuals are filtering communications as they receive them based on their personal preferences, while companies continue to force irrelevant information onto their prospects and customers. This communication conflict results in costly messages being unread and discarded.

Unotifi’s marketing software helps dealers gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ preferences, and behavior. This allows them to direct relevant marketing messages to customers, utilizing the technologies they prefer. Remember, the dealer marketing on the customer’s terms, will reap the rewards.

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