Improved customer satisfaction
Increased customer retention
Better service center efficiency
Real Time Support

Unotifi is an automotive marketing company that provides integrated technology, specially designed as a retention and loyalty solution. The good news is, a staggering 90 million cars range between 5 and 10 years old. The challenge will be to attract and retain these customers, resulting in business growth. As we all know the one-on-one relationships between consumers and automotive service centers are critical to customer loyalty and retention. The Unotifi system uses this knowledge to effectively manage a service center’s current customer base and communications.

As the pioneer in Mobile Relationship Marketing, Unotifi is the most advanced customer retention and mobile relationship management service for the automotive industry. Through texting and service BDC opportunities, Unotifi helps automotive dealers communicate with their customers in an effective and time-efficient way.

Providing tools like the Unotifi Communicator, which hosts an integrated messaging platform, and providing real-time support, Unotifi aims to help automotive service centers and dealer service departments increase customer retention and profits, while reducing unproductive and costly inbound call volume.


Founded in 2010 by Fred van der Neut, Unotifi is based in Houston, Texas and supports franchise dealers and aftermarket service centers throughout the U.S.

Unotifi introduced its fully integrated system in November 2011, and launched its industry standard-setting Communicator text messaging platform a few months later. As an advanced Automotive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Unotifi continues to introduce tools like Mobile Alerts and its Service Business Development Center program to deliver more sales and higher customer satisfaction levels.


Through Unotifi Mobile Alerts program, specialized technology detects when customers are in for service and sends them personalized updates via text message. It also alerts sales and service associates to the customers’ vehicle needs and ownership position – all in real time. 

Maintain service center organization with the Unotifi Communicator. The user-friendly interface allows you to monitor communications with customers and gain access to BDC tools and useful customer information.

Keep Unotifi at your fingertips with the iPhone Mobile App. Enjoy all the function of the Unotifi Communicator in the palm of your hand.

The Unotifi Mobile Alerts and Communicator services allow a dealer to remain in contact with multiple customers, without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Reduction to Inbound Calls
66 %
Reduction to Inbound Calls
Increase in Revenue per RO
22 %
Increase in Revenue per RO
Increase to Number of RO’s written
10 %
Increase to Number of RO’s written
Increase to 1st service appointments scheduled
120 %
Increase to 1st service appointments scheduled

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