Winning Women Over Through Mobile Marketing

With women now responsible for 85 percent of all purchasing decisions in the U.S., marketers are always searching for new ways to reach women with offers and incentives.  Mobile marketing is the perfect solution, according to a recent Business Insider article.

A recent Google survey showed that 66 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to help them shop while they are in a retail location.  An independent survey of 1,000 women by mobile marketer Swirl found that 58 percent of them would like to receive a personalized offer on their smartphone while shopping in-store.

Much has been written about showrooming, the practice of using smartphones to search for lower prices and buy online after visiting a brick and mortar store, but women are also using their smartphones to get product advice and feedback, search for product information, and look for special offers and discounts while they shop. Rather than fear this smartphone-enabled behavior, dealers should find ways to use it to their advantage.

For example, dealerships that utilize technology like uNotifi’s Communicator can provide dealership personnel with a text alert when a customer walks into the dealership and can also deliver personalized coupons and offers directly to a customer’s smartphone.  Implementing mobile strategies and technologies that enhance the in-store shopping experience help dealers sell more and incentivize customers to purchase.