Turbocharge Service & Sales with uNotifi Communicator

The uNotifi Communicator brings the latest mobile technologies to your service department so you never miss another opportunity to make a sale or provide exceptional customer service.

Research shows that 75% of service department inbound calls are customers calling about the status of their vehicles.  Of those inbound calls, 35% are dropped, resulting in unhappy customers and a missed opportunity for additional sales.

With uNotifi Communicator, your service advisors will never experience these inefficiencies that can comprise their effectiveness again!

Delighting Customers One Text at a Time

This innovative application was designed specifically to allow service advisors to notify customers in real time about when their car is ready, when that special order part has arrived or if customer approval is needed for additional service.

Using uNotifi Communicator, service advisors can text a customer about the status of their vehicle repair or request approval for any additional service.  The customer can respond immediately, with no time wasted playing telephone-tag.

Messaging That Means More Money

Another powerful component of the uNotifi Communicator is the Opportunities feature – a daily work plan for service advisors and your sales department that displays sales opportunities in the Communicator Dashboard (service past due, service contract expiration, etc.) so texts can be sent to individual customers, resulting in increased service sales on a daily basis.

In addition, the uNotifi Communicator provides service advisors with a text alert when a customer walks into the dealership, enabling them to greet the customer and engage them about any other vehicle service needs.

uNotifi Communicator turns text messages into turbochargers for service department efficiency while increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Let us show you how your dealership or service department can benefit from implementing uNotifi’s automotive marketing software system.  Simply fill out the form below and we’ll respond promptly.

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