Top 10 Dealership Benefits

At the core of uNotifi’s Software as a Service (SaaS) is data intelligence, the execution of timely and relevant messages, and providing customers with useful real-time information that is available 24/7 – all of which give dealers and service centers these 10 key benefits:

1. The most detailed customer segmentation process in the industry with the ability to actually know and score your customer’s dealership purchase and behavioral patterns, resulting in the most specifically targeted message to the customer.

2. Knowing who your Internet influencers are, and having the ability to target them with specific messages and optimized social media.

3. Knowing who your top tier customers are and being automatically notified by text when they are visiting your dealership.

4. Automatic text messages to your customers when their vehicle service is completed, saving time for dealership personnel and the customer.

5. Automatic text messages to your customers when their special order parts have been checked into inventory, saving hours and hours of phone time for dealership personnel.

6. Two-way texting between your service writer’s desktop and the customer’s phone, which will drastically eliminate unproductive inbound service calls, resulting in more lines per R.O. because of the opportunity to up-sell.

7. Having a customer reward point system to create customer loyalty at the dealership service department and allow the dealership to move away from coupon use to loyalty points.

8. Offering your customers their own personalized vehicle information page on the Web or our exclusive iPhone app.

9. The ability to create any customized service campaign within your database with a single phone call. Target loyal customers, orphaned or defected customers with specific messages and multi-tiered, intelligent coupons.

10. Service reminders sent out automatically for major and minor repair notices to your customer database, followed up by the appropriate, if necessary, secondary communication and additional coupons and discounts. Plus, emails are sent to your customers at the time of day when research shows they are most inclined to open and read their emails!

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