Tips for Out-Marketing the Competition

Know your target audiences

This translates to know your customer. You need to know what appeals to them in words, images and even in the results a customer desires.

Know what each customer group REALLY wants to buy

People don’t really buy a product or service; they buy to satisfy a specific set of personal motivations.  To predict customer product preferences and purchasing habits and create the most relevant marketing messages around this information requires a well-planned mix of instinctive knowledge acquired from a dealer’s customer data and an analytical framework that supports fact-based decision-making.

Remember to sell to all who influence the buying decision

From a marketing perspective, you need to consider who will be involved in the decision to buy from you.

Don’t assume you know what your customers want

If you don’t know what each specific target group of your buyers really wants, research. It’s easier to sell them what they want than to convince them to buy what you think they want. From a marketing perspective, you find out what your customers want by keeping track of what is important to them and mining your customer database for important intelligence – a complex process made easy with the use of a CRM system designed specifically for the automotive industry.  Predictive analytics use customer data to provide a forward-looking perspective about the customers and help identify customer segments so the business can better understand customer behavior, thereby gaining the ability to leverage opportunities and build loyalty.

Provide outstanding customer service

This is often the differentiating factor among competitors. Today good customer service isn’t enough. Great customer service is required in every facet of your operation. For example, uNotifi’s automatic two-way texting system saves dealership staff hours and hours of unproductive phone time. As soon as the customer’s service is complete, the system automatically notifies them, saving both dealer and customer valuable time.

Be flexible and watch for new opportunities

Don’t let your marketing approach be stagnant.  The same old strategies will likely yield the same old results. Be alert for new opportunities by employing a CRM system that scours your customer database and identifies those opportunities for you – service past due, service contract expiration, etc. — so you can send relevant messages to customers on a daily basis and increase service sales.