The Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

A new survey of leading brand marketers by BlueKai, a data activation system for marketers and publishers, has found that a vast majority of those surveyed – 91% — say that data is of primary importance for effective target marketing.

Specifically, the survey discovered:

  • 78% say that their use of data has positively impacted conversion rates and sales
  • 71% say they’re better able to deliver more relevant messaging to more finely segmented audiences
  •  68% report an increase in clicks and traffic, with 21% claiming a 5-10% increase
  • 63% claim an increase in media buying efficiency, with about one-third saying that data drives more than a 10% increase

The study also found that marketers are most reliant on 1st party data, including:

  • Website data (83%)
  • CRM data (79%)
  • Email data (72%)
  • Digital campaign data (67%)
  • Search data (45%)

In addition, more than 90% of respondents said that they plan to integrate more data and audience information into their marketing initiatives over the next 12 months.