Mobile Remains a Largely Untapped Opportunity for Marketers

Despite explosive user growth in the past year, mobile remains a largely untapped opportunity for marketers according to the recently released Mobile Share Report from enterprise SEO firm BrightEdge.

Mobile Internet usage now accounts for one out of every three digital media consumption minutes.  The BrightEdge Mobile Share report tracks the business impact of mobile usage across 6,000 brands, analyzing the web traffic for more than 5 billion web pages to quantify how the mobile channel (smartphone and tablet) compares with the desktop channel with a key focus on how these channels drive conversions.

Some key findings from the report:

In the past 12 months, mobile traffic grew by 125% while desktop grew only 12%.

Tablet converts at nearly the same rate as desktop; mobile converts at about one-third the rate (0.3X) as desktop.

Video content drives conversions. While overall smartphone conversions lag desktop conversions, media and entertainment sites are an exception. Smartphone conversion rates exceeded desktop (1.6x), driven by people consuming videos and articles on mobile. Travel/hospitality (.7x) and e-commerce (.6x) also experienced above-average mobile conversions.

The growth of mobile Internet use offers a massive opportunity for marketers who learn how to optimize customer mobile experiences to drive conversions. To push mobile from its current high traffic/ low conversion rates, marketers need to invest in a holistic approach. It’s also essential that marketers leverage big data insights to understand the impact of their activities.