How Data-Driven Email Marketing Yields Better Results

According to research by Ascena Retail Group, data-driven “triggered” email campaigns have been shown to deliver:

  • 70% increase in unique open rates
  • 55% increase in unique click-through rates
  • 300% increase in dollars per email delivered
  • 225% increase in conversion rate

With numbers like these, why would any marketer ignore the use of customer data to drive such significant improvements in their email marketing?

There are four key types of customer data that can help you improve your email marketing results:

  1. How customers interact with your emails – where they are clicking, which links they open, conversion rates, etc.
  2. How customers interact with your website – for example, if someone has been visiting your site to check out a particular car model, you can offer then a free test drive of that model.
  3. What customers have purchased from you in the past.
  4. User profile data – location, age, gender, etc. – for baseline targeting.

Marketers need to realize that customer data collection is not a “set it and forget it” proposition; marketers must constantly refresh the data to keep it relevant.  An automotive marketing CRM system can help dealers collect and apply customer data on a continual basis to make significant improvements in dealership marketing efforts.