Is your dealership, auto shop, or service drive ready?
Beyond COVID-19: Are Your Fixed Ops Communications Ready For A Digital World?

In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak, many businesses are having to rethink how they conduct business. Times like this, digital communications and remote operations strategies are needed more than ever to reduce the risk of exposure. The current climate has brought to light how important it is to have a digital communication strategy in place, however, even in less trying times, customers have become more and more used to digital experiences from the businesses they frequent. The question then becomes: Is your fixed ops ready?

If the answer is no, you’re definitely not alone – and we’re here to help:

At the end of the day, your job begins and ends with customer service. Whether that’s informing your customers about how you’re handling things during a disease outbreak, about closings due to a weather emergency, sending service reminders, or welcoming them to the family after a new purchase. Communication is key – and the faster you can communicate with your customers, the better.

Building strong customer relationships in today’s world means creating a solid foundation for your digital engagement to the community you serve. The most effective communications begin with aligning your goals with your customer’s needs and giving a friendly face to your fixed operations team. The best part in all this?

When you’re communicating quickly, regularly and effectively, you build trust.

You reduce, if not eliminate, questions. You increase appointments AND customer satisfaction. Even more than that, you help create fans – not just customers – that can be the biggest driver of future business to your service department.

Now you may be wondering what this all has to do with what’s going on right now… and the answer is everything.

With digital communications, your business development reps can set appointments for pick up and delivery service from home, your technicians can send customers video detailing necessary services & your customers can even pay for their service from home.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Texting status updates – Service advisors should be sending updates regularly to your customers. Automating
status updates to send when their vehicle has been in service for 2 hours or more will reduce the number of calls
or texts coming in.

Virtual business cards – Send a virtual business card to your customer to save in their contacts. It’s faster,
easier, and your customer does not have to touch anything but their own phone.

Technician videos and photos – Give them a visual of your recommended services and send it to their cell
phone. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, so you will receive approvals for additional services
much faster.

Text to Pay – Avoid touching credit cards, cash, and terminals. Send your invoices automatically to customers
via text once their vehicle is ready for pick up. Customers then enter their credit card information and use
their phone to pay. The service advisor will receive an immediate notification once the payment is processed,
so all you need to do is get the keys ready.

Unotifi is specifically designed for automotive dealer service teams, making it possible to communicate with your customers remotely and move them through the service drive faster. If you are interested in upgrading your fixed ops communications, contact us today.

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