Car Dealerships Using Lifestyle Information to Create Irresistible Offers

Automotive marketing company uNotifi is helping car dealers and service centers improve their marketing results by augmenting a dealer’s customer database with lifestyle information, which helps dealers target and market to their customers more effectively.

“Most dealers and service centers have relied on a ‘miles driven’ measurement to determine when they should be contacting their customers with service offers,” said Fred van der Neut, uNotifi founder and CEO.  “uNotifi augments miles driven and consumer behavior with lifestyle and interest data to provide dealers with more relevant insight into their customers’ purchase habits, which leads to higher response rates and lower campaign costs.”

Lifestyle and interest data reveals a consumer’s interests, activities and tastes and provides information on how they spend their time.  Data is either gathered directly from the consumer via product registration cards, survey responses, magazine subscriptions and other available data, or inferred from geographic and demographic information.

By marrying lifestyle and interest data with demographics and geo-targeting, as well as other targeting information, uNotifi helps dealers and service centers gain a deeper understanding of their customers and target relevant marketing messages directly to them, utilizing technologies those consumers prefer, including social media and mobile communications.

For example, a dealership or service center customer who hunts and fishes will have different vehicle needs and purchase motivations than a customer whose main interest is online shopping.  This information can be used to segment dealer databases for more effective direct marketing and rewards programs – for instance, the hunter can be incentivized with a Cabela’s gift card while the online shopper may be better enticed with an Amazon gift card.

“Dealership marketing today is all about creating and fostering relationships with customers,” said van der Neut.  “You can’t do this without knowing your customers’ interests.  Using lifestyle information, you can find many opportunities to truly build a meaningful relationship with the customer.  Lifestyle data also helps improve marketing performance, which reduces marketing costs and improves response rates – which leads to a higher return on marketing investment.”

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