5 Things You Can Do to Boost Customer Loyalty

Protecting what you have already invested in acquiring a new customer by keeping them a loyal customer is the key to dealership profitability.  Unfortunately, it’s harder than ever these days to create customers for life.

Here are 5 key strategies for getting current customers to come back for more:

1. Make exceptional customer service your competitive advantage.  Exceptional customer service begins with doing what you say you will do. It becomes a competitive advantage for your dealership when it permeates everything – from who you hire, to how employees are trained, to how you run your company. There is no replacement for a great customer experience.

2.  Stay in touch with customers.  You can’t build loyalty if you don’t keep in touch with your customers.  You can do this through loyalty programs, couponing, service reminders, email marketing and text messaging.  Promotional messages should be a part of your communications strategy, but the key is to provide customers with information that interests or helps them.

3.  Make company policies consumer-friendly.  Being flexible and understanding of an individual customer’s needs will gain you a reputation for being easy to deal with – and keep those customers coming back.

4.  Have a rewards program.  Implemented correctly, a rewards program is a great way to build loyalty.  Reward your customers for doing business with you and they will keep repeating the cycle.

5.  Make it hard for them to leave.  Offering customers a way to interact with you when they want to – say, via a personalized website that details everything about their vehicle, when service is due, etc. – makes it easier for them to do business with you and even harder for them to leave.