3 Ways To Help Customers Buy More From You

A recent study from Forrester showed that 72% of customers prefer to solve their issues quickly and easily online, and that 88% of those who are able to do so will increase their spending from companies that allow them to do this.

Investing in a system that helps customers help themselves can boost profits and increase customer satisfaction.  Here are 3 ways you can accomplish by utilizing a system that:

1. Helps you understand a customer’s individual needs.  A CRM system that offers detailed data cleansing and segmentation process which scores customer dealership purchase and behavioral patterns will keep you on top of your top (and bottom) customers, which is invaluable in determining the best way to communicate with them.

2.  Allows customers to collaborate and communicate directly with you.  A CRM system that allows for two-way texting not only empowers your customers to manage their own automotive needs, it also cuts down dramatically on lost productivity and profits due to missed calls and inefficient communication.

3.  Allows you to adapt to changing customer needs and behaviors. A CRM system that allows you to customize a rewards program for your customers as well as providing the ability to offer online coupons and other deals on the basis of analytics built into the system is invaluable for anticipating and meeting customer expectations.

A good system should also provide you with an outbound communications method that will help you anticipate customer needs, alerting them to service needs, product offers and relevant events in their communication channel of choice, including mobile.  A recent BearingPoint survey showed that optimizing content for mobile devices results in a 60% increase in customer satisfaction.

Dealers that invest in a CRM system that transforms customer knowledge into actionable marketing tools can achieve higher customer retention and save time and money in the long run.