At the core of Unotifi’s Software as a Service (SaaS), is data intelligence. Structured as a complete marketing support and communications program, we are able to provide customers with useful real time information that is available 24/7, as well as execute timely, and relevant messages on their behalf. The integrated online and interactive components that Unotifi provides will help you understand customer buying behavior, and allow for relevant marketing messages that resonate with consumers.

Data Intelligence

Unotifi begins by importing customer and vehicle history data and processing it through a purification procedure that includes:

  • Parsing the data.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) and CASS certification
    • This is an important step due to the varied styles of entering addresses into a database. The address standardization is done to promote accuracy and improve address matching when searching for data.
  • Remove duplicates.
  • Filter out employees, fleet, mileage range, ZIP codes, etc.
  • Build customer history record
    • Tracking a customer’s interaction with the dealer helps you understand a customer’s behavior, allowing us to add value to your communications. We will create a master customer information record designed to collect data, and customize communications accordingly.
  • Household data
    • This feature enables Unotifi to distinguish between families possessing multiple vehicles versus an individual, allowing us to customize communications based on content. For instance, you would not want to send 3 special event mailings to the same household because there are 3 customers living there, or only send one recall notice to an individual possessing multiple vehicles with open recalls.

Powerful Campaign Tool

Unotifi has built a powerful campaign marketing tool that uses email, text messaging, BDC and print as well as social media to help you reach your marketing goals. The system tracks statistics like behavior and responses to help improve interaction with customers. Some of our customer notifications include scheduled maintenance, tires, batteries, warranty expirations, as well as customizable messages to fit your specific marketing needs. Automated and recurring campaigns are available as well, eliminating the need to send out individual emails every day and minimizing the occurrence of user errors.

Unotifi is also able to include automated and recurring campaigns as well as create and react to market dynamics by providing instant “one-off” campaigns.

Customer Behavior Analytics

In today’s day and age, customers are leaving digital footprints across many different mediums by, visiting Web pages, clicking on links, opening a email, interacting with mobile apps, downloading PDFs, watching videos, sending text messages and much more. With the right behavioral marketing automation platform in place, you can collect this data and use it to provide relevant, real-time offers and information like, triggered email messages, SMS messages, direct mail or phone call directives, and more.

Predictive analytics use customer data to provide a forward-looking perspective about the customer. By identifying customer segments, a business can better understand customer behavior, gaining the ability to leverage opportunities and build loyalty. To predict customer product preferences and purchasing habits, you must have knowledge acquired from dealer’s customer data. Then you must create relevant marketing messages around this information, which requires an analytical framework that supports fact-based decision-making.

Unotifi uses this technology to look at customer behavior and interaction with email messages to determine whether the customer reads the message or has acted on it, e.g. if a customer received a maintenance reminder we can determine if they read the email, ignored it or clicked to make an appointment.  This behavior, along with our ability to build campaigns based on customer, vehicle, purchase and driving habits, allows us to build follow-up programs using phone and text.

Understanding when, how, and what to communicate, will ultimately help make customer interactions more effective and profitable. Unotifi provides dealers with a predictive model to gain more intelligence about customer behavior, then uses that intelligence to score each customer, helping you identify and target your top customers.

Intelligent Offers

Intelligent offers go hand-in-hand with the persistent use of 3 fundamental technologies.

  • predictive analytics
  • modeling of customer behavior
  • automation of customer data management practices.

It is an ongoing process of learning and adjusting offers. The more we learn about customers’ behavior, the better we are able to provide them with relevant offers. Synchronizing and automating the data management process in this way, can result in enhanced customer response and retention rates.

Some examples include:

  • Customer value driven coupon – Provides customers with offers based on their customer score. Tier 4 customers tend to be your coupon shoppers and less loyal customers while Tier 1 customers tend to be loyal and frequent visitors and spenders at the dealership. Therefore Tier 4 customers would receive a larger discount than a Tier 1 customer.
  • Tiered offers based on the customer distance from the dealership – Offer customers who live further away a larger discount than those who live closer.

Tiered offers based on response If a customer does not respond within an expected period of time, you have the option to send them another offer with a more appealing discount.

Social Networking

In today’s marketing landscape, online media is ripe with customer feedback. Unotifi takes this opportunity to learn about how your customers influence your social web standing. By identifying and scoring customers based on how influential they are to social web sites, we can better understand you customers and effectively communicate with them to improve response rates.

An Influencer Score ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being most influential. This score measures a customer’s influence based on an individual’s audience reach, ability to spread ideas, propensity to create ideas, and independence. Our objective is to encourage “Influencers” to broadcast the dealer’s message, making it accessible to their followers and friends.

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